How To Find Your Ideal Country Home: Ruralize Your Dreams

Introduction to Free-Read Online Edition

How To Find Your Ideal Country Home: Ruralize Your Dreams

by Gene GeRue 
Copyright 2009 

Why this free edition?

Present economic conditions will cause some people to seek a low-cost, sustainable place to live. Publishing a fourth edition would take about a year’s worth of my busy days. This free online version lets me get the information out immediately to those who need it right now.

What this is

How To Find Your Ideal Country Home provides material that shows individuals how to find their best place to live in the country.

The good news

This is a text-only version. It is suitable for gleaning what you need, fast. As I become aware of new information I can quickly make updates.

The bad news

Missing are the 300-plus illustrations in the first and second editions. (Warner Books chose to not include most of these in the third edition.) Alas, also missing is an index. If I can figure out a way to correct this, I will. Suggestions are welcome.

THIS IS A FREE READ. You are welcome to read all of it at no cost. Of course this does not do a thing for my overhead. So if you find this material to be of value, you are more than welcome to send a few bucks to Gene GeRue, HC 78, Box 1105, Zanoni, MO 65784

Enjoy the journey, 

How To Find Your Ideal Country Home: Ruralize Your Dreams 

Table of contents: 

Part I — First things

Preface, Notes on using this book.
Chapter 1 – The importance of place.
Chapter 2 – The ideal country home.
Chapter 3 – Buy your land as soon as you can.
Chapter 4 – Who are you?
Chapter 5 – Do you have what it takes?
Chapter 6 – Wants, needs, and fantasies.

Part II — Criteria and considerations

Chapter 7 – Developing a criteria list.
Chapter 8 – Lifestyle.
Chapter 9 – Choose your climate.
Chapter 10 – Land characteristics
Chapter 11 – The cost of living.
Chapter 12 – Making a living.
Chapter 13 – Farming and market gardening.
Chapter 14 – Air.
Chapter 15 – Water.
Chapter 16 – Health 101.
Chapter 17 – Community lost and found.
Chapter 18 – Demographics and social conditions.
Chapter 19 – Services and taxes.
Chapter 20 – To build or not to build.
Chapter 21 – Prices.

Part III — Finding your ideal country home

Chapter 22 – Regions, bioregions, states.
Chapter 23 – Real country, boondocks, old subsistence farms.
Chapter 24 – Small towns and villages.
Chapter 25 – Subdivisions.
Chapter 26 – Intentional communities and eco-villages.
Chapter 27 – Places and conditions to avoid.
Chapter 28 – Toxic pollution.
Chapter 29 – Finding your ideal area.
Chapter 30- Real estate law and real estate agents.
Chapter 31 – Looking at country property.
Chapter 32 – Making the final evaluation before purchase.