Parcel C- The Bluff

Parcel C has the most level land, has a fine stand of pine trees, a great view of the bluff, offers several house sites in the trees or right at the stream. The house could be in the pines and face north for the view or be near the stream road and face south for maximum solar gain. Part of the land uphill and to the south was a cleared field many years ago and a small field or garden area could be created.

Heartwood Hamlet Site Map

The nearly 200 foot bluff, clearly visible in winter from this site includes a cave historically used by Native Americans.

The main road to Heartwood is accessible within about a hundred feet of this house site, which has excellent sun exposure. It is about 200-300 ft from the creek. Trails run throughout this area, including the “old settler stream road” which leads to two old cabins and Green Spring. This road used to be used for those having their corn milled at Hodgson Mill.

The flat sites near the creek sit very close to the stream, and would make excellent spots within sight and sound of Hurricane Creek.