Parcel A – Watersong

Parcel A has a homesite just above a low waterfall so we think of this place as Watersong. A few trees may  have to be removed to finalize the house clearing and a short road will be created. (We have a backhoe.) The house would ideally be built into the south-facing hillside for maximum energy efficiency.  A small watercress spring could be developed for household water. Across the stream and west is a finger field of about eight acres that has springs on its south side. Lots of room for gardens.

Heartwood Hamlet Site Map

Either of these sites could be developed to make excellent home sites. The site just above the Spring would be ideal nestled within the outcropping of pine with a view looking down at the stream. Ideal for a platform built into the hillside with possible decks overlooking tremendous views of the waterfall and valley below.

Waterfall that this parcel overlooks

Built into the hill and southfacing, the sounds of Hurricane Creek make for a peaceful and tranquil Watersong indeed. Remnants of an old skid road continues to the West, and perhaps was likely used for pulling one log out at a time via horse or mule. It could be cleared allowing access further into the parcel, overlooking pretty parts of the stream.

Across Hurricane Creek, the approximate 8 acres of finger field is an ideal fully-sunny and flat area which is a potential gardener’s dream. Also a possible house site.

Power lines are located within 100-150 feet of the house site above the year-round spring and are located in the finger field, making this area very accessible for electricity.