Included within the Heartwood Hamlet is a beautiful A-Frame. We are looking for a long term couple or family to move to this location to finish the A Frame and make a life here.

The A-Frame is a partially finished building for sale with 10 mostly wooded acres. It is 24′ long, 20′ wide and has a 24′ high roof.

The A-Frame is situated more than 200 feet from the original homestead site where we live and has privacy as it is surrounded by trees. The A-Frame is a lease-to-buy option ($5,000 down with $800/month rent- some of that goes toward purchase price) or is for sale for $30,000.

It has:

  • Electricity & running water
  • New appliances (stove, refrigerator, water heater, bathtub/shower)
  • New doors & windows
  • Recently spray foamed with high quality insulation
  • Includes washer/dryer

Finishing Touches:

  • Finish building interior including boards to cover spray foam insulation. We have most of the pine paneling (which was milled on site) ready for this purpose.
  • Flooring needed in living room & upstairs (currently plywood).
  • Hook up upstairs vanity & toilet.

As you can see, there is not much left to finish off this building which has a living/dining room, kitchen, laundry room with toilet, bathtub/shower, utility sink, washer/dryer, and water heater. Upstairs there is a bedroom, balcony and bathroom including toilet and vanity.

With some finishing touches, this house is a perfect homesteader’s dream and will get you off to a good start!