Rustic freeze-proof hose bib installation

I was floundering around with a bunch of design ideas that became over-complicated. I asked the members of the Yahoo LittleHouses group for ideas. The winning idea came from Rick Parker.

The pipe on the hose bib is twelve inches long. The sycamore block is four-and-a-half-inches thick. I drilled the pipe hole, cut the slot below it, then chiseled out the flat depression where the hose bib mounting bracket goes. The block is mounted to the old oak barn board siding with long screws. The oak board directly behind the block is stabilized with two long lag bolts into the wall framing.

I sanded the face of the block to accentuate the growth rings and to create a contrast with the weathered oak siding boards. A hose will hang over the block. The only negative I see is that pulling the hose off the block over time will tear off the bark.

Copyright Gene GeRue 2011