Gene’s Projects

We live in interesting times. Prices of food and energy are up and down but will certainly will be more up than down over the coming decades. For those who depend on the government to keep life good, disappointment is certain. For those who look to themselves as independent, productive people in charge of their lives, there is much fulfillment to look forward to. This blog is for those who aim for the fully-lived life, expecting change, being prepared for change, exulting in challenge and life success.

As time permits I will photograph and write about what we do here at Heartwood, in addition to the stuff you can’t see, like about fifteen hundred feet of underground water lines plus UG electric lines, phone lines and propane pipes. The Taj Mahen, the little East Wing, the shed on the new shop and the dam being built across Hurricane Creek are all on the table. With unlimited oak, pine, cedar, hickory and other trees, not to mention sand/gravel/rocks and more stones that any reasonable person would want, I expect I will no sooner run out of materials than ideas, which keep piling up and making the list of wanna-dos ever more insurmountable.

A Ferro Cement Garden Bed

The challenges to gardening here at Heartwood in southern Missouri include juglone from walnut roots, moles, armadillos, groundhogs, raccoons, deer, and aging bodies that become more unhappy each year with bending to the ground to plant, pull weeds and harvest.

Rustic freeze-proof hose bib installation

I was floundering around with a bunch of design ideas that became over-complicated. I asked the members of the Yahoo LittleHouses group for ideas. The winning idea came from Rick Parker.