Design for a stealth urban chicken coop.

My idea was to build a chicken coop that would look good in an urban setting and not make the neighbors think that the Clampets had moved in. The coop is also lightweight and portable to allow easy movment for use as a chicken tractor or to a new neighborhood.

The construction is easy, requiring few tools and minimal skills. The Coop will serve up to eight layers or twice that many fryers. A chicken run can be set up off either end or if desired, an opening may be added to the rear of the coop. Adquate ventilation is provided by the low entrances and the high screened section of the front door. The screened section may also be closed off if needed.

The colors were free but they have an added benefit, the coop appears to look like a play house.
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Plans and construction.

Coop drawings

Coop construction

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