Heartwood Hamlet

An Eco-Haven in the Missouri Ozarks

We have an opportunity within our 130 acres, nestled in a forested valley of the Ozarks. 4 plots of 5-10 acres are for sale to couples of similar values. It is now the time to bring Heartwood Hamlet to life.

Hamlet is defined as a small settlement, generally one smaller than a village. It originally comes from the word for home, which as we know, means to settle, dwell, be home.

This is exactly what we’re looking for within our hamlet, to invite gentle, values-compatible neighbors to share our eco-sensitive lifestyle.  Currently we have 4 offerings within the hamlet- read on to learn more.

Our current homestead.

Ruralize Yourself

Increasingly in our modern times, people are looking for alternative, sustainable ways to live that bring fulfillment, enjoyment and closer earth connection. Young people, especially, in search of this land-based dream can sometimes be stopped by the up front prices of land or home ownership. This is one reason we’ve created the Heartwood Hamlet, to make land stewardship more accessible for young people.

Within our 130 acres located 20 minutes from the small town of Dora, Missouri, we have 3 5-10 acre building sites available. Each of these has stream frontage along the 3/4 mile stretch of Hurricane Creek which runs through the property and is a year round stream fed from a spring just off the southwest corner of the property. We also have a site with an existing A-Frame with 10 acres available that has running water and electricity. See below for more details.

The watershed is over 2,800 acres, most of which is uninhabited and natural. Ours is the only home in the hollow, besides the A-Frame. The property is primarily wooded with various oaks, shortleaf pine, eastern red cedar, sycamore and hickory. 

Startup Offerings

As we are established homesteaders, we know how hard it can be to get started and offer some opportunities that we can share.

Along with foraging and selective logging on the 130 acres, we also offer use of sawmill and planer (with training) & use of existing high tunnel & greenhouse.

Year Round Heated Greenhouse
We grow heirloom tomatoes year round in the greenhouse.
Our High Tunnel


The A-Frame is a partially finished building for sale with 10 mostly wooded acres adjacent to Hurricane Creek. It is 24′ long, 20′ wide and has a 24′ high roof.

The A-Frame is situated 200 ft from the original homestead site where we live and has privacy as it is surrounded by trees. The A-Frame is a lease-to-buy option ($5,000 down with $800/month rent- some of that goes toward purchase price) or is for sale for $30,000.

It has:

  • Electricity & running water
  • New appliances (stove, refrigerator, water heater, bathtub/shower)
  • New doors & windows
  • Recently spray foamed with high quality insulation
  • Includes washer/dryer

Finishing Touches:

  • Finish building interior including putting up panels to cover spray foam insulation. We have most of the pine paneling (which was milled on site) ready for this purpose.
  • Flooring needed in living room & upstairs (currently plywood).
  • Upstairs vanity & toilet hooked up to plumbing

As you can see, there is not much left to finish off this building which has a living/dining room, kitchen, main bathroom with utility sink, washer/dryer, bathtub/shower & vanity, & water heater. Upstairs there is a bedroom, balcony and bathroom including toilet and vanity.

With some finishing touches, this house is a perfect homesteader’s dream and will get you off to a good start!

Building Sites

These building sites all contain frontage of Hurricane Creek and are 5-10 acre plots at $1,500/acre. They all offer excellent building sites and road access.

Parcel A has a homesite just above a low waterfall so we think of this place as Watersong. Some trees will have to be removed to make the house clearing and a road will have to be developed. The house would ideally be built into the south-facing hillside for maximum energy efficiency.  A small watercress spring could be developed for household water. Across the stream and west is a finger field of about eight acres that has a spring on its south side.

Parcel B is the most challenging building site and offers maximum opportunity for unique design. Large rocks, abundant sight and sound of the stream and a seasonal spring are primary features. The spring ran continuously for the last twenty years and stopped during last year’s drought. I envision a structure wrapping around the hillside just above the stream, to maximize the views and sunlight. This parcel is closest to our house and sharing our garden is a realistic scenario.

Parcel C has the most level land, has a fine stand of pine trees, a great view of the bluff, offers several house sites, in the trees or right at the stream. The house could be in the pines and face north for the view or be near the stream road and face south for maximum energy efficiency. Part of the land was a cleared field perhaps forty years ago and a small field could fairly easily be created.

More Details

Heartwood is in Ozark County, Missouri, smack dab in the middle of the Ozarks. Springfield, Missouri is two hours northwest; West Plains, Missouri is one hour east; Branson, Missouri is two hours west; Mountain Home, Arkansas is one hour south. 

Our driveway is a County maintained County Road and two of the house sites are accessible off of this road. The other 2 house sites are nestled in the valley and have access roads to them.

Looking For

We are looking for responsible, non-smoking couples to share our homestead life in the forest with us. We are offering these parcels within our larger acreage for sale and hope to find like-minded couples to share our eco-haven with us.

If interested, please contact chrisgerue@ruralize.com.

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