Since the 1920s there have been multiple waves of migration into American cities from the countryside and multiple migrations back to the country. This ebbing and flowing has been primarily a reaction to economic conditions. Once again America is in an economic tailspin. It is likely that it will be decades before our national economy is steady and dependable. During these years more urban Americans will be seeking rural homes, some for survival, some for lifestyle change, some for environmental conditions, including greater control over necessities. This time around, more may stay in the country. In 2019, the Pew Research Center finds that citizens see America in decline on many fronts. High prices and over-crowding are conditions that are worsening and, perhaps, never-ending.

Here at RURALIZE we have a rural bias. From backgrounds both rural and urban, we find country living to be superior. And we like to help others create and enjoy this superior lifestyle. If you would like to learn rural ways you are in the right place here. RURALIZE aims to help those who want to be more in charge of their lives: growing food, creating safe and sustainable homesteads, getting closer to the earth that nurtures us all. Here, you are with friends. Pull up a chair. And by all means, enjoy the journey.